About Us

Contact Information

Y&J is a New Zealand registered financial service provider. FSP number is FSP569627. The company can be contacted at the following address:

Address: Suite D, Level1, 2 Kalmia Street, Ellerslie, Auckland 1051, New Zealand
Email: service@yjsecurities.co.nz
Telephone: (64) 09 579 8882

Our Service

Y&J Investment intends to provide high standard internet based securities trading platform to professional investors and occasional investors.

No account management fee and provide free real-time stock quotes, we dramatically lower our clients’ investment threshold.

We charge competitive transaction commissions and greatly save our clients’ transaction cost.

Through our entrusted clearing firm IBLLC, the largest US electronic brokerage firm,, all customer money is segregated in particular banks or custody accounts. We will ensure that all of our clients’ orders are placed right and secured.

Y&J Investment is committed to serve the best interests of investors and expand their abilities to make profit.


Y&J Investment chose Interactive Brokers as the clearing house. Interactive Brokers' clearing services including orders liquidation. In addition to being an internet broker, Interactive Brokers also provides clearing services to other brokers. It is required by SEC and FINRA to perform a detailed reconciliation of money and securities at least once a week to ensure that customer money is appropriately segregated from the broker-dealer's funds.

Broker Disclosure Statement

Our Broker Disclosure Statement which contains important disclosures to ensure that you have adequate information to make an informed decision about whether to use the services of Y&J Investment Limited can be found here.

Dispute Resolution

If you have a complaint, you should contact Y&J. Y&J will endeavour to quickly and satisfactorily resolve the complaint. In the event that you are not satisfied, you are invited to put your complaint in writing to:

The Compliance Officer
PO Box 11-147, Ellerslie, Auckland 1542, New Zealand

Y&J is a member of an independent dispute resolution scheme operated by Financial Dispute Resolution Service (“FDRS”). If we cannot agree on how to resolve the issue, or if you decide not to use the internal complaints scheme, you can contact FDRS. FDRS is an independent approved dispute resolution scheme for settling disputes between people and businesses, and the organisations that provide them with financial services and advice. This service will cost you nothing, and will help us resolve any disagreements. You can contact Financial Dispute Resolution Service at:

Financial Dispute Resolution Service
Freepost 231075
P.O. Box 2272
Wellington 6145

Level 9, 109 Featherston Street
Wellington 6011
Telephone: 0508 337 337
International calls: +64 4 910 9952
Web: www.fdr.org.nz
Email enquiries@fdr.org.nz